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Hi guys, do you still remember me? yes, here I am, Ghime. being here. finally. For a long time, and here it is, I have come (..0.0..)/.

There has been a lot that happened. I have been in hiatus for ages..... Actually, I definitely didn't want to be in hiatus back then. But some matter came. One of the matter is, I can't open my account, my facebook and dA account. I don't know why. Still wondering why it should be those two. I thought I typed a wrong password. I tried several times a long time ago, but I still couldn't open it. Well, now I have opened this account ( and now I wondering why I can open this dA with my old password =___= ). But still... the facebook account... ;-;

and, last year, my old handphone got into washing machine because of my mother //it's my fault too for placing it in my clothes//. Luckly I still can use my line account for contacting my friend, but yeah, lot of my friend still said that it's hard to approach me (call/sms) because I only can use my line on laptop ( and I barely using my laptop because I don't have modem lol , I should borrow it from my family, and they have to use it for their self too ) . And recently, I have bought a new handphone, //notme,myfather// if you wanted to contacted me, please chat through Line, my ID LINE is : ghitakz .

Well yeah, that's it. And I have a lot of things that I haven't completed it yet.
:iconrichanxxx: I haven't paid my commission for you yet, I'm so sorry, feels like I have been late for 5143587 years, gonna crying until my tears change into blood. ;;; //pleasecontactmethroughLINE//
and :iconhamu2: , did you commission me back then? I forgot all about my commission, please tell me if you did. ;;

I think, I'm not gonna active in this account until I graduate, one and half year to go to my national exam, I should, must have, study, because I'm not a dilligent student TT TT. But I'm not gonna stop to draw, I like it so much that I can't let this hobby go away because study hahaha. Lately I posted a lot of my traditional artwork on Instagram account Instagram Username : ghitakzahra . anyone if you have instagram account, let's follow each other! ^q^;)/

and thats all just I have to say, thanks for open this journal. Hope u a nice day all of day in this year! UwU)/
MoE : Summer Is Hot! by Ghimeopta
MoE : Summer Is Hot!
Another Serious Artwork hahahaa, and akfhkajdsfhh I did draw a background!!!! Well.. even if the background doesn't interact with the character too much, but.. I'm quite happy with this :"3
btw this girl is my original character, ION, who came from RP group :iconmapleofeden: ... It has been a long time since the last time I drew her.. I feel sorry for her.. :"D
There's several part that I forgot to edit.. especially.. the mouth.. uugh I don't want to see that part.... ;;A;;

Don't steal, copy, or trace my art
Art & Character © Ghimeopta
Water References :

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kemana aja di fb ngilang ahahhaa
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Hi~  I noticed you like SAO too and I just made a group based on Alfheim Online if you would like to join or tell people who may like it too!  Thanks!  ^^  AlfheimVRMMORPG
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happy b'day ~ :)
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Happy Birthday Ghimeeeeeee :heart: smoga makin ndewaa~
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Selamat hari burung ya~  Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5] 
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